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Kenneth Aspogard
Redmarvel AB
Member Since: 9/5/2011

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Cambridge Who’s Who Names Kenneth Aspogard

Professional of the Year in Education


Kenneth Aspogard will be recognized in the third edition of Pro-Files Magazine



STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 11, 2011, Kenneth C. Aspogard, Chairman of Redmarvel AB, has been named a Cambridge Who’s Who Professional of the Year in Education. While inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry is an honor, only a small selection of members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, years of service, and the credentials they have provided in association with their Cambridge Who’s Who membership.


After establishing his career in management consultation, Mr. Aspogard ventured into the field of special education and has served as a chairman of Redmarvel AB for the past 10 years. In this capacity, he utilizes his knowledge of change management and business transformation to launch new products and services into the market. Mr. Aspogard also ensures that the company’s services meet the highest standards of quality, as well as the high expectations of his clients. In addition to his educational experience, he is a respected veteran captain of the Swedish Navy. A graduate of Stockholm University, Mr. Aspogard completed an MBA and a Bachelor of Laws. He built his 30-year career on the shoulders of his analytical and leadership skills, and has advanced himself professionally as well as personally.


Redmarvel AB is comprised of certified instructors who work with children and adolescents with autism in primary and secondary schools. The organization uses Web solutions and modern information technology tools to reach its students, and offers certified third-party programmers and tutors from England, who help create and deliver individualized development plans for children with special needs.

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